Health & Safety

The attitude of a company towards its health and safety obligations reflects on its reputation and may increase its risk of liability in the event of an incident or accident.  Failure to comply with regulatory requirements and expected standards can have significant financial consequences due to fines, penalties, lost manhours and project over-runs, and may lead to loss of accreditation, business closure or even imprisonment. 

Mendax can help to manage and reduce the burden of meeting these rules and the requirements of the CDM 2015, giving you time to concentrate on delivering and developing your business.  We can develop and create effective policies, procedures and risk management controls tailored to the needs of you and your company. 

Mendax can help you and your company effectively comply with health and safety requirements, and increase confidence in your systems and processes.  

Health & Safety and Risk Management Services

We aim to work in partnership to reduce the risks in your projects and contracts by providing the following services:
  • Preparation of Pre-Construction Health and Safety Information
  • Construction Health and Safety Management Plans
  • Development of Traffic Management Plans
  • Advice and support in relation to health and safety and risk management
  • Policy development, drafting and reviews for construction and office health and safety
  • Review and development of risk assessments and method statements
  • Site inspections and safety visits
  • Preparation of Operations and Maintenance manuals for handover to client

We can help to reduce your project risks