Quantity Surveying

Tender preparation

Upon completion of design, we are able to advise on value engineering options, which form of contract to use and produce a bill of quantities

Value engineering

With our experience, we can offer alternative
products to drive the cost down on the    

Bills of quantities

To ensure you have an accurate and transparent estimate for a project, we produce a detailed bill of quantities in a protected Excel spreadsheet. This ensures that all contractors bidding for the works are pricing the same elements giving cost certainty and reduces the contractor's tendering time

Tender return report

Once all tenders are received, we undertake a tender comparison report to ensure that the tenders are equal and any anomalies are highlighted

Final accounts

We provide a full and comprehensive service to ensure the final account is bona fide. This service is also available to projects we have not previously been involved with

Green energy

We have experience on many projects of different size budgets where green energy has been a high priority. Our experience in these projects ensures we can provide solutions to our clients where the future costs of the completed development are economical for both the client and the environment

We can provide control of the financial aspects of your construction project

The key to settling disputes/disagreements is strategy planning
You cannot negotiate unless from a position of strength and knowledge